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Daily Journal of Commerce: Corvallis pushes urban renewal for downtown

POSTED: 04:00 AM PDT Thursday, September 4, 2008


Corvallis city councilors Tuesday unanimously approved a draft plan outlining details for raising urban renewal funds for downtown and south Corvallis.

The funds would apply to a zone that would stretch from Fillmore Avenue to Crystal Lake Drive and from Sixth Street to the Willamette River. The area would include the downtown core as well as property south of downtown, including the Crystal Lake Sport Fields and Willamette Park, which are both owned by Evanite Corp.

The plan would last for 20 years and could include improvements such as landscaping and parking structures. City councilors would like the plan to go to voters by next spring, but it will first go to the Planning Commission for review and further revisions. The zone must be approved by voters and is expected show up on the election ballot in May.


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