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PRnine: New Firm Seeks to Level Search Marketing Playing Field

Atlanta Based ODDulent Global Marketing Plans to Expand African American Role in Search Engine Marketing
Atlanta, GA (PRnine – September 8, 2008) – ODDulent Global Marketing, an Atlanta based interactive marketing company, seeks to be the first prominent African American owned and operated firm to offer a full suite of search engine marketing services. Officially launching in September 2008, the company plans to expand awareness among African Americans through business ownership as well as free Search Marketing Training Courses to minority high school and college students.

“Search Marketing represents the fastest growing segment of advertising; therefore, as many African Americans look for new career options, I feel Search Marketing provides an opportunity for African Americans to feed their families,” says Omar Marts, Founder of ODDulent Global Marketing. According to new projections from the SEMPO 2007 State of the Market Survey, the North American SEM industry is expected to reach $25.2 billion by 2011. “As we look at the projections for the North American SEM industry, it becomes clear that these same growth trends will occur globally.”

In the metropolitan Atlanta area, a city compromised of 61% African Americans (2000 Census), it is estimated that African Americans represent less than 15% of all employees at major interactive firms specializing in Search Marketing. “Although there is evidence that African Americans involved in Search Marketing have achieved success in the field, there are very few African Americans in high level executive positions at the major Search Marketing firms and even fewer at the ownership level,” explains Marts.

Omar Marts, who has been in the Search Marketing industry over four years, founded ODDulent Global Marketing in July 2008 while managing a very lucrative account at a major Atlanta based restaurant supply reseller. ODDulent specializes in interactive marketing strategies with a foundation deep rooted in Search Engine Marketing. Mr. Marts established ODDulent Global Marketing to bring more diversity to the world of Search Marketing business owners, and to offer high quality service offerings. To service its client base in a highly competitive market, ODDulent Global Marketing’s business model is to manage teams globally through remote contractors. “Our goal is to recruit the best talent the world has to offer at the best rates available in order to pass the savings on to our clients,” says Mr. Marts.


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