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Cable360.net: More Diversity Numbers

HIV/AIDS, poverty and the triple play bundle are just some of the numbers in our occasional list of digits.

56,000: The estimated number of Americans infected with HIV yearly. 
25,000: Those infected who are black. The rate of  AIDS diagnoses for black adults and adolescents was 10 times the rate for whites and nearly 3 times the rate for Hispanics. While blacks make up roughly 13% of the population, they account for almost 50% of the new HIV/AIDS cases yearly. (The Centers for Disease Control, August 2008)

8 million: The number of U.S. families in poverty in 2006, about 10% of the population. 
21%: Percentage of those who were Hispanic; down from 22% in 2005. Poverty rates remained unchanged for blacks (24%), Asians (10%) and  non-Hispanic whites (8%). (U.S. Census Bureau) 

56%: Percentage of Latinos who use the Internet; 60% of blacks use it. 
71%: Percentage of non-Hispanic whites who do.
78%: Percentage of Latinos who use the Internet and prefer to speak English. 
(Pew Hispanic Center, 2007)

77%: Percentage of Hispanic households that own a cell phone. (Forrester Research quoted by Advertising Age, March 2008)

$2.1+ billion: NASCAR’s yearly retail sales. (si.com, October 11, 2007)
$2 trillion: Purchasing power of Hispanics and African Americans by 2009 (U.S. Census Bureau). 
40 of 41: Number of NASCAR drivers who are white Americans; “no other issue is more important for NASCAR to succeed and to grow” than diversity, NASCAR says (NASCAR Web site).

40%:  Percentage of black heads of households who said they would be very likely or likely to get a triple play bundle if the package included a 10% discount off their total bill. 
46%: Spanish-dominant Latinos who say they would be likely to subscribe to a triple play with the discounted price. This group has the lowest penetration of bundled services. 
46%: Percentage of urban consumers who have a double- or triple-play bundle; English-oriented Latinos, Asians and Whites are the most likely to have a bundle; 32% have a two-service bundle, 14% have a triple-play bundle. (The 2008 edition of State of Cable and Broadband Urban Markets, Horowitz Associates)


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