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IslamOnline: Minorities to boycott UK Police

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The National Black Police Association is planning a public campaign to urge young would-be officers from ethnic minorities not to join the Metropolitan police. (Google)

CAIRO — Protesting the treatment of police officers of ethnic minorities, a major association representing Asian and black officers in Britain is threatening to launch a public campaign to boycott the Metropolitan police, the Guardian reported on Saturday, September 13.

The National Black Police Association (NBPA) is planning a public campaign to urge young would-be officers from ethnic minorities not to join the Met.

It is also planning a march on Scotland Yard of black and Asian officers next week and a vote of no confidence in the force’s leadership.

The escalation comes days after the country’s senior Muslim police officer, who is suing the Met for racial discrimination, was relieved of his duties.

Tarique Ghaffur submitted last month a compliant to the employment tribunal accusing Met Commissioner Sir Ian Blair of playing a role in a campaign of harassment, racial prejudice and humiliation against him during eight years at the Met.

The suspension was the latest episode in a heated row between Blair and Ghaffur, one of four assistant commissioners in the force.

The Muslim officer, who was until recently responsible for planning security for the 2012 Olympics, has been excluded from key Olympic security planning meetings.

The Ugandan-born officer, who has opposed extending the pre-charge detention of terror suspects to 42 days, was also browbeaten to keep quiet about his opposition.

Ghaffur’s contract has been renewed by one year, unlike other officers who have theirs renewed by five years.

Race War

Ghaffur was not the only officer of ethnic minorities suing the Met for racial discrimination.

Yasmin Rehman, the force’s head of diversity, also announced that she was suing the Met for racial discrimination this week.

The suit follows a similar complain by senior Asian officer, Commander Shabir Hussain, who accused Blair of sidelining black and Asian detectives and surrounding himself with a “golden circle” of handpicked favorites.

The Metropolitan Police Authority also announced Friday that it was investigating Commander Ali Dizaei, the NBPA president, for misconduct over allegations he had helped a woman from a Met prosecution for death by dangerous driving.

Dizaei denied any wrongdoing.

“They want to put me under investigation to put me under control. This is a smear,” he said.

The seemingly “race war” with black and Asian officers is eroding the public confidence in the Met.

“We have two major issues to tackle, terrorism and youth crime,” said Cindy Butts, deputy chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority.

“Both demand good working relationships between ethnic minority communities and the police.

“This is too big an issue to be hijacked by the playing out of differences within the service.”


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