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Daily Journal of Commerce: Corvallis transit agency partners with Philomath

POSTED: 04:00 AM PDT Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bucking the trend of city transit agencies reducing service due to rising fuel and service costs, the Corvallis Transit System has announced that it will expand its service beginning Sept. 22.

Corvallis city council recently added $180,000 to its transit budget, allowing the transit agency to add new routes, increase route frequency and extend its evening hours on several routes.

Though it will not increase its fares, CTS has coordinated its fares with Philomath Connection, a neighboring transit agency, so that each organization offers its passes, cash fares and coupon books at the same rates. Three CTS routes and the Philomath Connection will also provide direct service to the Oregon State University campus. In addition, the age for honored riders has been reduced from 80 years to 75; honored riders ride for free.

CTS was also recently awarded a grant from the Federal Transit Administration for two new buses. The grant totals $617,048 and will allow CTS to replace two 14-year-old buses.


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